• Are Murphy beds easy to raise and lower?


Yes they are! Our spring-loaded mechanisms ensure effortless opening and closing. Our mechanisms are counter balanced so it never opens on its own. You can raise or lower your Murphy bed with just one finger.


  •  Can I use any mattress?


Yes! As long as you have a standard size, 12 inch thick mattress, it will fit in  any Murphy bed of your choice. 


  •  Can you custom match the finish?

We can custom match any finish to blend-in with existing furniture seamlessly.  Whether it is paint, laminate or stained wood, we have the facilities to match it all.


  • Are Murphy Beds comfortable?


Yes! Unlike sofa beds and futons, Murphy Beds don’t have a folding mattress, so you are sleeping on a regular mattress without the bars associated with sofa beds.


  • Do I need a box spring?


No!  The panel that comes down is used as a flat platform for the mattress to lie on instead of the box spring.


  • Can I close the Murphy bed with all the bedding and pillows in place?


Yes, the system has a Velcro strap to hold your bedding and mattress in place when your Murphy bed is not being used. You can open your Murphy Wall Bed and use it immediately.


  • Can I take my Murphy bed with me when I move?


Yes, just like any other piece of furniture your Tulsa & OKC Murphy Bed Can be moved. Murphy Wall Bed attaches to any wall studs with brackets.


  • How long does it take to get my new Murphy Wall Bed?


Murphy bed production time is approximately 3-5 weeks plus shipping, delivery or installation. Depending on production load, the time frame can be shorter or longer. Please call us for an up to date time estimate in Tulsa & OKC area.


  • How does my Wall bed ship to me?


We usually ship by Truck line directly to your home, or to a shipping terminal if you would prefer to save a little on the shipping cost.


  • What is your warranty?


Our mechanism is warranted for 15 years to the original purchaser. If you experience any type of mechanism failure, excluding abuse, we will replace the parts for you.  




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